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Agava americana

Agava americana

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Packing: 2 plants
Family: Asparagaceae

The right care for the hundred-year-old agave: Since the tequila and agave syrup source can withstand temperatures below freezing point, it looks particularly beautiful in rock gardens. If you plant them in a flower bed, you always have to take into account that they will grow very large and take up a space of 3 meters. But the agave also conjures up an exotic flair in a pot on the terrace. It is very easy to care for and hardly needs any attention.

ORIGIN: Mediterranean Seaside Finca Garden close to San Miguel de Salinas, Costa Blanca – Spain. Each one of our plants are locally sourced and hand picked from private gardens.

LOCATION: The perfect location The hundred-year-old agave feels much more comfortable outside than in an apartment. It tolerates blazing sun, but can also thrive if it is partially in the shade. If you do keep the agave in your home, it needs a light location in front of a window – preferably facing south.

TREATMENT: Water centenarian agave properly The desert plants can handle longer periods of drought very well. From spring to autumn it depends a little on the weather and the temperature how often you have to water. In any case, you should only water when the soil is completely dry. The plant rests in winter

PROFILE: – Full sun to partial shade – In winter indoors, in summer better outdoors – Typical water needs for succulents -The agave grows up to 1.8 meters high – The agave becomes up to 3 meters wide – Frost tolerant, minimum -12 ° C – Propagation via offshoots – May be toxic to children & pets – Keeps hibernation

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